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Need debt consolidation finance? Call us

Debt Consolidation

The needs of a family are manifold and it sometimes happens that we have to deal with the purchase of a new car or with unexpected expenses, perhaps just as the renovation of the house has started. To cope with all this, it may be necessary to activate several loans, finding yourself having to repay multiple installments during the same month with a sometimes unsustainable cost.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Debt Consolidation Finance! Let’s see De-Debt information, where we can find more about what debt consolidation finance is and what to do to request it.

Debt Consolidation is a financial solution that allows you to combine individual loans into a single loan, renegotiating the repayment times and the amount of the installment.

This choice allows three substantial advantages:

  • Single monthly installment;
  • Lower installment amount, compared to the total of the installments currently in progress
  • Return times more convenient, you can delay the return over a longer period of time.

Requesting Debt Consolidation, therefore, can be a real lifeline for families who are struggling month by month with the fixed thinking of deadlines.


Debt Consolidation and Fifth Transfer

Debt Consolidation and Fifth Transfer

Debt Consolidation finds its maximum expression through the employee loan, a loan reserved for employees and retirees that thanks to its peculiarities guarantees always sustainable financing.

In fact, thanks to the Transfer of the Fifth it is possible to pay off the loans in progress in favor of a single loan with a maximum installment equal to 20% (one fifth) of the pension or of the net salary.


Advantages of the loan for debt consolidation with the assignment of the fifth

loan for debt consolidation with assignment of the fifth

Loan not finalized

Requesting the Transfer of the Fifth for Debt Consolidation means accessing a non-finalized loan. It is therefore not necessary to specify or produce documentation relating to the use of the sum and the required liquidity can be disposed of independently.


The monthly installment never exceeds 20% of the net salary or pension, for a loan that is always sustainable and in line with the applicant’s income capacity.


The assignment of the fifth is always covered by insurance to protect the applicant and his family.


Deductions are made directly to the pension or salary. In this way, there will never be a late payment or a report, and you will never have to file in post offices again.

The Transfer of the Fifth is particularly suitable for Debt Consolidation as it can also be requested in the event of previous payment delays or reports.

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